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At SeeSoar Kids, we believe that every child deserves access to STEM books, regardless of their socio-economic background. That's why we're committed to donating books to book deserts - areas with limited access to reading materials, especially in under-resourced schools in the Caribbean Island of Dominica. We believe that promoting equity in education is essential for building a more just and inclusive society. By providing diverse STEM books to these communities, we're not just providing reading material; we’re opening doors to imagination, and fostering a love for learning and inventing.

Support our Abby Gives program by donating. All proceeds received will be used to support our donations to low resource schools.

Dominica kids with books - SeeSoar Kids - Kids STEM Books & Programs

Our most recent Abby Gives trip to Dominica was a success. We partnered with The Leaders Readers Network and donated 2500+ culturally relevant books, including 500 Abby Invents books.

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