About Us

Welcome to SeeSoar Kids!  

We're a K12 invention education company dedicated to inspiring young minds. We believe that when kids SEE inventors who look like them, their dreams and aspirations SOAR to new heights.

Our company's name is a clever twist on the word, "seesaw".

Our inclusive books, educational games, and empowering programs ignite curiosity, introduce kids to STEM and inventor role models, and spark the inventor's mindset in kids. 

Join us as we cultivate the next generation of future inventors.

Our Vision

A world where inventing has no bounds of age, gender, or race.

Our Mission

To ignite a passion for problem solving in kids by sparking curiosity through inclusive and captivating products & programs, fostering a deep passion for innovation.

Our Values

    • Curiosity

      We encourage inquisitiveness by inspiring kids to ask WHY and WHAT IF

    • Creativity

      We use our imagination to come up with fresh storytelling approaches that introduce kids to innovative solutions that address real-world challenges

    • Changemaking

      We show kids how to take proactive approaches to solve real world challenges

    • Representation

      We advocate for diversity and inclusivity, ensuring every child sees themselves reflected in the world of invention

    • Quality

      We are committed to creating high-quality products that don’t break the bank

    • Caring

      We strive to make a positive impact in the children’s lives of children, exemplified through our Abby Gives program, where we give books to underresourced schools in Dominica

    • Fun

      We infuse joy in our product creation process and we inspire future inventors to experience the thrill of their inventive potential

    Created by an Inventor

    Hi👋🏾! Dr. Arlyne Simon, here. I grew up in Dominica, a small Caribbean Island. If you had asked me to draw an inventor when I was a child, I certainly would not have drawn me! As a kid, I never met an inventor and I was never taught about inventors who looked like me.

    When I was five, I fell in love with science after performing my first experiment with my mom. It was messy and incredibly fun – observing if sand, salt, or pepper sauce would dissolve in water. Small beginnings, but enough to fuel my curiosity and set me on a path to become a biomedical engineer.

    One day, a professor at the University of Michigan told me I could patent my ideas. Several failed experiments later, I became a patent holder. Since then, I've been on a mission to make inventing a little less mysterious for kids. So I dove head first into creating a children’s book series, called Abby Invents, featuring a girl inventor named Abby who shows young readers that kids can be among the greatest of inventors, too!

    Now, say hello to SeeSoar Kids – a fun innovative hub of creatives and invention educators who are eager to develop more diverse STEM books, games, and resources to inspire young inventors from kindergarten to high school. We're all about inventing, dreaming big, and having a blast along the way. 

    Let's solve problems big and small, and soar to new heights together! 

    Arlyne Signature - SeeSoar Kids - Kids STEM Books & Programs


    Founder, Biomedical Engineer, Inventor, & Author