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19 Black Children's Books To Share With The Little Ones In Your Life

Education should never end in the classroom. Bedtime, bath time, and play time are all opportunities to share valuable lessons that will last a lifetime.

Black children’s book authors are finding ways to offset the classroom experience at home by introducing kids to adventurous characters and overlooked cultural figures in their work. They are using viral moments, personal experiences and current events to connect with their audiences.

This season’s offerings hit every touchstone in the STEAM principles needed to succeed in today’s world. Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics are all accounted for.

There are siblings traveling through time to right historical wrongs, leaders looking to solve everyday problems, dreamers imagining how to make the most of their world, teens facing systemic evils and personal fears, and prolific artists transcending boundaries to make room for the next generation. 

See 19 Black children’s books to share with the little ones in your life below.


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